MicroMet’s specialist design & engineering team includes highly experienced Radar Design Engineers with multi domain design experience.

Radar Wind Profilers

MicroMet Radar Wind Profilers (RWPs) are designed around original and innovative modern antenna, receiver and signal processing techniques.

Bird Detection & Deterrent Radar

Bird Hits and risks posed by Bird Aircraft collisions are all too well known to aviators. Avian related accidents cause billions of …

Foliage Radar

A Synthetic Aperture Radar is an ideal sensor for these applications because of its large standoff distances and its ability to operate day or night in all weather conditions.

About MicroMet Group

Welcome to MicroMet Group – A research and design-oriented technology company providing a broad range of products and services to government and commercial clients worldwide. As a focused research &development company, MicroMet has developed and supplied state of the art unique radar based systems to customers worldwide.