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Satellite Stations and Airport Weather Stations. It has also got involved in various research projects of the Ministry of Defence through several agencies. Finally the company has supplied various Marine and Land based meteorological systems to the Coast Guard Authorities.

b)   Pollution Monitoring Systems : Automatic Pollution Monitoring Systems for different applications to research establishments, institutes, pollution control boards and monitoring agencies all over the world. The company has been involved with various research studies and programs on Pollution monitoring in cities and industrial areas, including some Pollution Mapping Studies for some large cities.

c)    Hydrological Systems : Water Level Recorders for various users world-wide, Water Management Systems including Upstream Water management Systems and Flood-forecasting Systems. The company has been involved in some major programs on watershed management and developed Automatic Silt Monitoring System with Turbidity Sensors for these programs.

d)    Oceanographic Systems : Current Meters, Tide Gauges, Wave Recorders and Ocean Buoys to oceanographic institutes, naval research vessels and marine colleges and institutes.

e)   Seismological Systems : Automatic Seismic Data Recording Systems, Telemetry Systems, Portable Seismic Recorders to meteorological organisations, and earthquake monitoring bodies.

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