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Welcome to MicroMet Group - A single source supplier of a complete range of Meteorological Systems like Radar Wind Profilers, Doppler Weather Radars, Sonic Anemometers, AWS, and other
Met Sensors. MicroMet Group comprises of  autonomous companies specializing in the Meteorological and Environmental fields, serving customers world wide.

1. MicroMet Group (UK)
2. MicroMet (USA)

3. MicroMet-ATI (INDIA)

MICROMET is one of the leading companies for the supply of Environmental Systems, Defence Systems Industrial Systems, and Marine Systems. The company has specialist divisions, supplying products in the following fields:

1. Environmental and Meteorological Systems
2. Defence & Industrial Systems

Each of the divisions operates as an individual trading entity responsible for marketing the products and services worldwide.

The Company's product range comprises the following :
»Defence Systems including such systems as the Gun Barrel Cleaning System, Radar Wind Profilers, Doppler Weather Radars for all applications, and the Gun Sound Ranging System.
»Environmental Systems including Meteorological, Hydrological, Environmental and Seismic Monitoring Systems.
»Industrial Systems including Data Loggers, SCADA Systems, Vehicle & Asset Tracking Systems
»Marine Systems including Shipboard Computer Systems, Ship Management Systems, Ship Meteorological Systems, Ship Navigation Systems and Ship Monitoring Systems

MicroMet's Radar Wind Profilers, Sonic Anemometers, Automatic Weather Stations and Doppler Weather Radars are in extensive use in various weather monitoring applications. With a wide range of sensors available including Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temprature, Relative Humidity, Pressure, Rainfall, Visibility, Cloud Height, Solar Radiation, Snow Depth, Soil Moisture to name a few, MicroMet Automatic Weather Stations and Multi Sensor Systems cater for almost all applications. MicroMet Doppler Weather Radars use the fully solid state technology, unlike the 1940s Magnetron tube technology offered by our competitors. Using the state of the art image processing technology these Radars are not just packed with features but are available at extremely competitive pricies. Available in different sizes these Doppler Weather Radars range from the portable version to the fully operational and full featured 12 ft Dish Weather Radars.

                        Doppler Weather Radar                         Gun Barrel Cleaning System

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